Jelly Oro Simulator Blue

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The Jelly Oro-Simulator is the most luxurious, most erotic masturbation toy available for men today, period! Place a small amount of Wet Water-Based Lubricant (included) on the head and shaft of the penis, slide the Ultra-Gelle cup on and squeeze the high-volume rubber vacuum bulb to bring yourself to an quaking orgasm. The inside length of the cup is 4″ with a 2″ diameter. The length of the tube itself is 16″ long. How to use: Connect one end of the hose to vacuum bulb (a small amount of water based lubricant can help with this process). Connect the opposite end of the hose to the nipple on the cylinder. Liberally lubricate the inside of the gelatinous sleeve with a WATER BASED lubricant. Slip the cylinder/sleeve combination over the head of the penis and pump the bulb at whatever speed brings the most pleasure. Please note: the Jelly Oro-Simulator is NOT intended to be used as a penis pump or penis enlarger, it is intended only to simulate the feeling and stimulation brought about during oral sex performed on the penis. The Suction from the ORO simulates the feeling of a real Blow Job.

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