Dare Anal Cream 1/2oz. 36pc Bowl

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Dare Anal Desensitizing Arousing Cream gently desensitizes and numbs the anal area. Enjoy the adventure and avoid the discomfort and interruptions. Bottoms up! and delight in the anal sexual experience. Dare Anal Desensitizing Cream .50 ounce resealable tubes with fishbowl. Dare Anal Cream features: no mess desensitizing cream. Paraben Free and Glycerin Free. No petroleum derivatives. Instructions for use: apply gel to the anus area 10 minutes prior to intercourse for full effects. Do not apply on other orifices. Exclusively formulated to relax the anus and lubricate to enhance pleasure. Latex condom compatible. Sex toys friendly. Safe for most skin types. Dare Anal Desensitizing Arousing Cream from California Fantasies. California Fantasies personal care products for romantic pleasures

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